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Robotic Process Automation Technology


40% of today’s jobs in Real Estate have the technical potential for automation according to McKinsey & Co’s 2017 report, “A future that works: automation, employment and productivity”.....

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How Have Landlords Handled The Challenges Of Responding To Tenants Rent Concessions, In Partnership With Retransform


Landlords and Institutional Investors of commercial properties around the globe have faced a wide variety of challenges given the current climate as a result of COVID19.  Trying to....

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Retransform joins Trimble Real Estate’s Global Alliance Program to help companies develop effective workplace strategies


Retransform is one of many leading organizations to join our growing Global Alliance Program—a community of industry experts who have joined forces with Trimble Real Estate to provide....

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Face Business Challenges head on with the right real estate Technical Software


Why get caught in a sea of data and dates on top of tedious business processes and operations? Leave it up to a fully-capable team and reliable real....

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Real Estate Financial Modeling


Real Estate Financial Modeling is a solution to your problem. To put it simply, Real Estate Financial Modeling refers to the process of documenting your company’s expenses and....

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Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in Real Estate


Did you know you could be losing precious business hours every day? Keeping your employees engaged in repetitive tasks reduces productive human work hours by 10-20%*. This time....

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Technical Dashboards Make Smarter Data Driven Decisions


Your real estate business is a glimpse into just how much data the industry produces. All the data generated by your business needs to be managed to produce....

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Robotic Process Automation Rebot

Robotic Process Automation: Rebot & Retransform


Rebot is RPA in motion. If you are fascinated by the thought of having tasks automated so that you can concentrate on business activities to achieve greater results,....

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Lease Administration


Managing extensive day-to-day tasks is challenging, at best, isn’t it? However, these operations are as critical to your success as the real estate itself. Now, imagine having all....

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Proptech Shaping Future Real Estate


Forbes defines PropTech as ‘businesses using technology to disrupt and improve the way we buy, rent, sell, design, construct and manage residential and commercial property’. The term Property....

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Benefits MRI Property Management Software


Real estate owners and property managers are juggling many operational processes and tenants at one time and it may be difficult to see a silver lining to it....

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Stay Ahead of NNN Annual Reconciliation Season to Capitalize Value


Generally speaking, CAM charges are all expenses common to all tenants in a given property. From maintenance jobs, or regularly completed jobs,virtually any “operating expense” will be added....

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Workflow Process Keeping Business Objectives


There are challenges within the real estate industry. The use of Windows File Systems to manage documents and enterprise content are out dated. Performing extensive searches through the....

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