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One of Florida’s leading commercial real estate firms has selected Retransform™ to implement Lease Abstraction Services

February 06, 2017
Dallas, TX

Retransform™ has been acquired by one of Florida’s leading commercial real estate firms, with offices in South Bay and LaBelle, Florida. They specialize in managing, remodeling and acquiring distressed commercial properties. Currently, this CRE firm manages 450,000 square feet of commercial retail shopping centers throughout South Florida.

Their mission is to be the leader in commercial real estate and provide advanced services that will continue to be the cutting edge in the delivery of commercial brokerage and management solutions.

Retransform™ specializes in providing comprehensive, accurate and timely lease abstracts to ensure all critical lease information is at a client’s fingertips. Their accuracy rate is impeccable, capturing every dollar and date. Retransform’s team reads, reviews and abstracts all lease documentation, paying meticulous attention to any unusual provisions, financial obligations and other issues of import. With all relevant information readily accessible in a lease abstract, this commercial real estate firm is able to make effective acquisition decisions and manage properties from a position of strength.